Structural & Foundation Repair

Over the years and weathering, structures can go through damage and feel the results of cracking within foundations and structural points. All American Built 1's reputable services as a general remodeler is up to the task in handling anything from fixing failing structural points to repairing cracks in the walls of basement foundations. As a go-to general contractor in the Alsip and Chicago, IL area, we understand the necessity of quality support and structural framing for any property and are fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to remedy your issues.

We understand how to repair cracks and establish a finished basement for you that you can rely on. We can reinforce anything you may need augmented for a sturdier building, including masonry and other materials. As a knowledgeable foundation and masonry contractor, we utilize only the best for your foundational and structural support. We can inspect what damage has occurred and walk you through what repairs need to be done. Whether you need framing services to reinforce damaged walls or you want your basement inspected for any possible damage, our team is qualified and ready to assist you as needed.

For excellent repairs and renovations in the Chicago, IL area, contact All American Built 1 today! We can be reached at (708) 305-8809 and look forward to assisting you with your specific projects.